Venn Diagram Templates

The Venn diagram is a type of diagram that was first introduced by John Venn in 1880. It is used to illustrate the logical relations between different sets of things. The Venn diagram is a useful tool for visualizing and understanding the relationship between two sets. It consists of a circle that splits into two sets, each with its own area that is then filled in with shapes or other images. This diagram can be used to show the relationships between people, places, things, ideas and events.

There are many use cases for Venn diagrams. One example would be when you want to compare two things and show their similarities and differences. This can be done by drawing two overlapping circles, one representing each thing, and then drawing an additional circle in the middle that represents both things together. The other type of Venn diagram is called an n-circle Venn diagram, which is used when there are more than two sets being compared. This type has an n-1 number of circles that represent each set with overlapping areas showing where they intersect and share common items.

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